The Spider and the Sons of Satan by Rafael DeSoto
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Supporting Players

Ronald Jackson
Jackson has been Wentworth's faithful man-at-arms since he served under him in World War I, and still calls him "Major." Now he aids him in his War on Crime, but is nominally his chauffeur. Surprisingly, Jackson dies and is buried in The Pain Emperor (February 1935)! More surprisingly, he returns to life three months later in Reign of the Death Fiddler (May 1935) with only the slimmest of explanations. Jackson stays alive through the rest of the series, but he does take off a few issues after meeting and marrying Marianne Harcourt, the half sister of the villain in The Devil's Paymaster (May 1941).

Harold Jenkyns is Wentworth's withered, silver-haired butler, who has been with the Wentworth family since Richard was a lad. His character runs throughout the entire series, but is never fully fleshed out. He's like Alfred, but with very few lines.

Commissioner Kirkpatrick
Stanley Kirkpatrick is the dapper, wax-mustached Commissioner of Police for New York City. (And Governor of New York for seven months in 1935!) Kirkpatrick is Dick Wentworth's trusted friend and The Spider's bitter enemy. He is as faithful to the Law as Wentworth is to Justice, which means that when there is ironclad proof that Dick is The Spider -- as he suspects he is -- he will not hesitate to place his friend in irons! There are moments though, when things get particularly out of hand, that he agrees with The Spider's methods and even fights at his side. In Murder's Black Prince (July 1941) Kirkpatrick falls in love with the villain's exotic slave Lona Deeping; Four months later, and after she has made up for her crimes, they are married.

Professor Brownlee
Professor Ezra Brownlee is Wentworth's family friend and physics professor, as well as an amazing inventor. Wentworth bankrolls his friend, putting his genius to work creating paraphernalia for The Spider's grim work. Among other things, he's responsible for The Spider's cigarette lighter with concealed seal, and his pencil-thin high-test climbing line, "The Web." Though Brownlee is a major character in the early books, he is murdered in just the second year (Dragon Lord of the Underworld, July 1935).