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Popular Publications never got into comics in the 1940s. So the Spider never appeared in a comic book until 1990. Since then, top talents have occassionally given us their own version of Richard Wentworth, but the Master of Men has never been featured in his own ongoing series.

Moonstone Books (2007-Present) OUT NOW!
The publisher of the prose anthology The Spider Chronicles is now taking The Spider into comics. Moonstone specializes in "classic and new heroes in thrilling tales of adventure, mystery and horror" so this is great news!

Vanguard Publishing (2004)
Comics masters Don MacGregor and Gene Colon bring a fairly traditional Spider into modern day in this classy black and white graphic novel.

Insight Studios (1999)
Pulp enthusiast Mark Wheatley brings the true, period Spider to comics in the pulpy Titanic Tales. The only qualms I have is that it's too short!

Blazing Comics (1994)
Thankfully The Spider Presents: Quiver (What? Who?) is merely a footnote in The Spider's pantheon. The story features only a cameo by a Masked Avenger-ish Spider, but there is also an insipid tights-wearing version of the character (right) on the cover and in two interior pinups. Um ... I'm not wasting a page on this.

Eclipse Books (1990-92)
Tim Truman takes the most liberties with The Spider, but somehow captures him the best, proving "tone" is the most important aspect of Pulp fiction.

Image Gallery
All of The Spider's comic book covers, plus a couple sketches -- and my own take on what a Spider comic might have looked like in the Forties.