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The Spider

No other dark avenger did it bigger, better, or with more nerve-jangling raw emotion than The Master of Men! If you've read a Spider story you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't, then definitely poke around this section for some background and context for one of the most popular heroes of his day!

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The Spider really does Return! With new reprints, and original tales. Catch up on the latest projects and appearances here.

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An Introduction
If you think playboy/crimefighter Richard Wentworth is just "Batman with a .45" then you've probably never read one of The Spider's pulse-pounding pulp-magazine adventures!

A Brief History of The Spider
From the birth of Popular Publications and the rise of Hero Pulps, to The Spider's amazing ten-year run, then to the reprints of the Sixties, and the comics of today!

Spider Essays
Reflections, ruminations, and revelations about The Master of Men! Includes pieces by Will Murray, Norvell Page, and Me!

Cast of Characters
Richard Wentworth, Nita Van Sloan, and their major comrades-in-arms through 118 thrill-brimmed novels!

The Creators
A long-overdue tribute to the Pulp Masters that wrote, illustrated and published The Spider magazine from 1933-1943.

About This Site
This is as good a place as any to reveal my inspiration for this all-new comprehensive Spider website, over a year in the making.