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The Creators

These are the somewhat-heralded geniuses that worked on The Spider magazine during it's incandescent ten-year run at Popular Publications. Each is a master of story creation in his own way, from publisher, to writer, to illustrator.

Harry Steeger
Steeger is founder of Popular Publications, which he built into one of the top houses of the Pulp Era. As publisher, he initiated the creation of The Spider (and many other top-selling titles).

R.T.M. Scott
Scott wrote the first two novels, developing the premise and characters of The Spider from an idea by Harry Steeger (and with input from editor Rogers Terrill). But he is probably most remembered for the popular "Secret Service Smith" stories.

Norvell Page
Page wrote the majority of The Spider novels, and though he didn't create the character, he did create much of what The Spider is known for: Epic plots, insane action, and white-hot passion!

Other Authors
Emile C. Tepperman, Wayne Rogers, and Prentice Winchell, also wrote under the house name "Grant Stockbridge" and together, they supplied 24 of The Spider's 118 adventures.

John Newton Howitt
No one could paint nightmares quite like Howitt, The Dean of Weird Menace Cover Art! And he did this unforgettably for roughly the first half of The Spider's run.

Rafael DeSoto
A giant in the Pulp field, who painted The Spider covers from October 1939 until the series ended in 1943.

John Fleming Gould
Prolific interior artist for The Spider, Operator #5, and G-8 and His Battle Aces.

Popular Publications Tour
Popular was the publisher behind The Spider magazine. Here is a delightful eight-page spread of pictures snapped at the Popular Publications offices, taken from the 1940 Writer's Year Book.