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The Spider's Return

I called this site The Spider Returns (after the old serial) because I felt like I was reviving the character's rich history and bringing it back from obscurity -- but the truth is, The Spider IS Returning!

The Spider ongoing comic series! Coming soon!
Moonstone is launching the first-ever ongoing comic book featuring The Spider! The first story, "Death Siege of the Frankenstein Legion" by Martin Powell with Pablo Marcos (!) art looks amazing! You can follow the progress on Martin's blog.

The Norvell Page Page
Norvell Page's great-niece Elizabeth Bissette has launched a new blog dedicted to The Spider author. Lots of exclusive info and nice graphics -- a welcome addition to the online pulp community!

Fight The Empire State! Wild new site!
To further promote The Spider Vs. The Empire State, Age of Aces Books has launched a new site that presents the Spider's insurgence from the book as if it actually happened! The new site tells the story of "The Rebellion of 1938" and features photographs from the period and propaganda posters of the resistance movement. Slick!

The Black Police Trilogy Finally reprinted!
Norvell Page's 1938 Nazi-allegory reprinted for the first time! Age of Aces Books has put out the complete Black Police Trilogy in one unique 400+ page volume titled The Spider Vs. The Empire State.

The Spider: Judgement Knight In stores NOW!
The Spider kicks off a new series of "wide-vision" graphic novels with an adaptation of "The Devil's Paymaster." The adaptation is by Howard Hopkins and has fantastic black and white art by Gary Carbon. Don't miss this one!

Fight The Empire State? Developing...
An oblique teaser has appeared online for what is undoubtedly a Spider project. After you get over the stunning 3-D effect, click around for clues to what this is all about.

City of Doom Paperback August 2009
Baen is publishing a mass-market edition of its second Spider collection, City of Doom! The smaller traditional-sized paperback includes "The City Destoryer," "The Faceless One" and "Council of Evil."

ReelArt Studios Spider Statue Now Available!
This amazing resin statue of the masked Spider -- with an alternate, fanged head! -- sculpted by hard-boiled specialist William Paquet is now available through your favorite comic shop, online retailer, or direct from ReelArt Studios.

The Spider at Comic-Con! July 26-29, 2007
Pick up a FREE Spider Ring, be among the first to see ReelArt Studio's Spider statue, and swing by Moonstone's booth to find out about their new Spider comic book projects!

The Spider Ring -- Reborn!
The tradition of The Spider Ring is returning to help promote Baen's new Spider volume. Already a hit at the Windy City Pulp Show and PulpCon, they are now coming to Comic-Con!

The Spider at BookExpo America Special Report
Here is a report from THE publishing trade show in New York City, where many Spider Rings were given out and we got to meet Baen Books' own Corinda Carford and Toni Weisskopf.

Robot Titans of Gotham In stores NOW!
Baen Books has just published a 316-page mass-market trade paperback featuring two stories of The Master of Men. And best of all, the legendary Jim Steranko is providing the cover!

New Spider Stories! In stores NOW!
The long awaited Moonstone prose anthology for The Spider is out, featuring a who's-who of talent! Click on the above link for a full list of writers, story titles, a brief but exclusive interview with Joe Gentile, editor-in-chief of Moonstone, and more.

New Reprint Series from Girasol Out now!
The renown publisher of Spider "Replicas" has just announced a new series of more-affordable Spider trade paperbacks. Stories will be published two-per-book, four times a year. The first volume is available now!

Current Reprint Series
There are currently three publishers reprinting the adventures of Richard Wentworth in the original Pulp style, and another on the way. Vintage New Media, offers e-texts of The Spider, as they have for the last ten years. There are many ways to start reading (or re-reading!) these weird, wild adventures. Dive in here!

New Will Murray Essay
Will Murray, famed Pulp historian and Doc Savage author, humorously relates the disorientation and epiphanies of a mad Spider-reading bender. Presented here, for the first time anywhere: "Stop Me From Reading Another Spider!"