Art by Gary Carbon from Judgement Knight
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Moonstone Books

Moonstone, which published the action-packed Spider Chronicles anthology, has brought The Spider back to comic shops!

The Spider ongoing series Coming soon!
Richard Wentworth in his first ever on-going comic book! The first issue, "Death Siege of the Frankenstein Legion," is being written by Martin Powell and has art by the legendary Pablo Marcos (Vampirella). The cherry on top is cover art by Dan Brereton (Nocturnals, Batman: Thrillkiller)!! Martin Powell has been fantastic about providing updates of the issue's progress on his blog.

The Spider wide-vision graphic novels
Moonstone's "wide-vision" graphic novels contain actual prose novellas with a single piece of art spanning the middle of each spread. The Spider series is in moody black and white and all the issues have covers by Gary Carbon.

The Spider: Judgement Knight GN
This deluxe, square-bound "wide-vision" graphic novel presents the Norvell Page classic "The Devil's Paymaster" from 1941, adapted by Howard Hopkins and featuring gorgeous black and white artwork by Gary Carbon sprawled across most every spread.

The Spider #1
written by CJ Henderson, with art by J. Anthony Kosar and David Flora! Senseless slaughter accompanies a new string of bold and audacious heists, and only the Spider can stop it ... but at a price so steep, can even the Spider hope to pay it?

The Spider #2
Featuring a new, original tale by Will Murray! In "Tomahawks From Hell!" people from all walks of life are found murdered -- scalped! "Red Tomahawk" demands that all citizens of Manhattan evacuate the city because it's being taken back by its original owners -- the Mohawk tribe. Art by Giovanni Timpano.

The Spider #3
"The Strange Case of The Spider and Mr. Hyde" written by Howard Hopkins with art by Cortney Skinner -- is exactly what the title suggests. Great story, and the art in this one is fantastic.

The Spider: The Chaos Maker
Double length stand alone story by Sci-Fi/Fantasy novelist Robin Wayne Bailey! No one is safe from the monster city newspapers call The Chaos-Maker, as a bomb destroys the state capitol! Outnumbered and wounded, The Spider must mow down an army before they can get to the President ... and disarm the ticking bombs that will blow the city to smithereens ... but which Spider is which? Art by Cortney Skinner.

Holiday Super Spectacular Dec 2007
The Spider's first comic-book outing for Moonstone was a 10-page adventure in Moonstone's Holiday Super Spectacular where he shared billing with The Phantom, Sherlock Holmes, Buckaroo Banzai and Kolchak, The Night Stalker. "City of Bleeding Snow" (great title!) was written by Martin Powell, who penned the smashing "The City of Melting Death" in The Spider Chronicles, and was illustrated by Chronicles pen-and-ink man Tom Floyd.

The Spider Chronicles 2007
This is not a comic or wide-vision graphic novel, but a 336-page prose anthology of The Spider, featuring 19 brand-new stories by a who's-who of writing talent! Click the head for more info on this landmark revival.

For the latest news and announcements concerning The Spider at Moonstone, bookmark their dedicated Spider page.