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The Spider Chronicles

Comics publisher Moonstone Books has released a 336-page illustrated prose anthology of 19 NEW short stories featuring The Spider -- Master of Men! This format proved successful for TV's Kolchak, and now Moonstone is tackling a real pulp fiction character, to add to their stable of "Classic & New Heroes in thrilling tales of adventure, mystery and horror!" You should still be able to find The Spider Chronicles in comics shops. Or, you can order it online at direct!

Lots of top talent has been attracted to the project! The book will feature stories by Mort Castle (The Strangers, Writing Horror), Bill Crider (A Mammoth Murder), Shannon Eric Denton (Meteor City) and John Helfers (Siege of Night and Fire), Chuck Dixon (Batman, Airboy), Steve Englehart (Avengers, NightMan, and even Marvel's Doc Savage), Ron Fortier (Captain Hazzard), Joe Gentile (Kolchak the Night Stalker, The Phantom), Rich Harvey (Bold Venture Press), CJ Henderson (Jack Hagee & Teddy London series), Howard Hopkins (Dark Riders, fanzine Golden Perils), John Jakes (The Kent Family Chronicles, North and South), James Anthony Kuhoric (Stargate SG-1, Army of Darkness), Elizabeth Massie (Sineater), Christopher Mills (Supernatural Crime), Will Murray (Destroyer, Doc Savage), Rafael Nieves (Moonstone's Vampire: The Masquerade and The Phantom), Ann Nocenti (Daredevil, Kid Eternity), Martin Powell (Moonstone's Sherlock Holmes Mysteries), Richard Valley (Scarlet Street publisher) and Robert Weinberg (The Science of Superheroes). The book will also feature interior artwork by Thomas Floyd and an introduction by Denny O'Neil.

Spider Essay by Ron Fortier
Chronicles contributor Ron Fortier offers his personal take on the character, and reflects on the difficulty of writing a minor epic.

Spider Roundtable @
Jennifer M. Contino of PULSE News interviews the proud and excited authors of Moonstone Books' The Spider Chronicles.

Interview with Tom Floyd @
Jennifer M. Contino of PULSE News interviews artist Tom Floyd about his interior illustrations for The Spider Chronicles.

Interview with Joe Gentile
Joe Gentile, Editor-In-Chief of Moonstone, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me and the readers of this website.

Contents Teaser
Spoiler alert! Here is a nearly complete list of contributions to the anthology -- the first new Spider stories in over 60 years.