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Current Reprints

This is a great time to be a Spider fan. There are currently three small outfits republishing old Spider novels -- all staying true to the original pulp format -- and another offering electronic versions for download.

The Black Police Trilogy Just released!
Norvell Page's 1938 Nazi-allegory reprinted for the first time! Age of Aces Books has put out the complete Black Police Trilogy in one unique 400+ page volume titled The Spider Vs. The Empire State.

Girasol Pulp Doubles
The dedicated Canadian publisher and pulp dealer is reprinting Spider stories two-per-book, four books per year in an attractive and affordable trade paperback format. They are the original 7x10" pulp size, with all the original illustrations, but with the type reset.

Girasol Replicas
These are the original pulp issues cover-to-cover, printed and assembled like an old pulp: signatures stapled together, with a glossy paper cover glued on. The end result is more expensive than other reprints, but worth it for the added authenticity. Currently, the first three years of The Spider are available.

Baen Books
Science-Fiction publisher Baen Books, which has Simon & Schuster distribution, brought The Spider back to mainstream bookshelves with 300-page and mass-market trade paperbacks in 2007 and 2008. (Still available in stores.) And best of all, the legendary Jim Steranko has provides the amazing covers!

Bold Venture Press
Formerly Pulp Adventures Press, this is the longest running series of Spider reprints. Bold Venture reprints The Spider novels at the original size and two-column format, with the original artwork, but resets the type for clarity and a more professional package. New forewords by modern Spider readers (like me) are included, under the old "The Web" column masthead. There are still a few issues available through the website.

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WildSide Press
Recently WildSide Press started reprinting the later Spider stories of 1940-on (while Girasol has staked out the Thirties material). So far they have printed two facsimile editions -- meaning the full pulp with all the original art, ads and backup features.

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Vintage Library
Vintage is a publisher of pulps in PDF format. They've been offering a good assortment of Spider stories for download for nearly ten years, along with G-8 and other Popular Publications characters.

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