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I created this Spider site, and kept it going all these years (ten years!?), because of the surprising lack of material on the web about one of the top heroes in the Pulp pantheon. But that doesn't mean NO ONE ELSE cares. Here's a list of dedicated Pulp enthusiasts on the web.

Spider Pages

The Spider's Web Page
This tribute has been around almost as long as mine has. Definitely worth a read! The only other site that covers both the pulps and serials.
Tomi Vaisala's The Spider
Probably the longest running page about The Spider. How old? Well, I know it predates my original site's 3D logo, which Tomi has adopted as his own.
ThePulp.Net: The Spider
ThePulp.Net is the ultimate online resource for Pulp links and information. Heck, I made sure *I* checked his page of links before writing this one.
Dr. Hermes Spider Reviews
Dr. Hermes writes all kinds of reviews of genre movies and books! His series of Spider reviews (over 25 as of this wrting) is still going strong! He also reviews the Spider serials.
El Araña
The definitive -- okay, ONLY -- page on the Argeninian reprints of The Spider magazine stories. Part of a larger spanish-language site about Los Pulps.

Spider Sellers

Bold Venture Press
Publisher Rich Harvey carefully retypsets The Spider novels in the original two-column pulp format with the original art, for a polished reprint package. He also hosts Pulp conventions in New Jersey!
Wildside Press
This small publisher prints a lot of pulp material, including Operator #5. Currently they are doing facsimile reprints of the latter half of The Spider's run (while Bold Venture handles the early stuff).
Girasol Collectables Inc.
Girasol is a Canadian Pulp dealer who is now making replicas of expensive Pulps like The Spider. Go here for originals and reproductions!
The Spider at The Vintage Library
Want to download a Spider novel to your computer right this second? Vintage is the only licensed dealer of electronic reprints of The Spider (and other characters, too)!
Adventure House
John Gunnison's Adventure House is the largest pulp dealer online. He also carries a full line of Bold Venture reprints and Girasol replicas, as well as his own great reprints of other titles.

Related Sites

alt.pulp Newsgroup
This is the place to go if you want to discuss The Spider or other Pulp stories you've been reading. (Or, if you prefer, fantasy casting of never-to-be-produced Pulp movies.)
Hero Pulp
This is a centralized locations for links out to all of Pulp hero webpages (Doc Savage, Operator #5, G-8) plus my brother David's awesome Avenger site.
Official Website of Robert Weinberg
Bob Weinberg is an author and Pulp collector who did his own reprints of The Spider in the 1980s through Pulp Press (with Ray Walsh).
The Estate of Rafael M. DeSoto
Watch this space for an official site detailing the life and career of the prolific Spider cover artist -- and one the Pulps' finest painters.