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Acrobat (or "PDF" for Portable Document Format) is a cross-platform file format that allows me to design something -- with images, text, special fonts, everything -- and allows YOU to print it.

Bookmark/Checklist (1230k)
(LEFT) Fold this sheet in half, then in half again. Now you have an attractive two-sided Spider Returns bookmark, and on the inside is a handy list of every Spider story, with boxes to check off whether you've collected the Pulp magazine or reprint, and if you've read the story. Mark where you are in the story AND where you are in your collection! Mac users: Print from Acrobat or Preview, not Safari for best results. ALSO:
Black & White Version (424k)

Paper Spider Ring (104k)
There are too few known examples of the original
Spider Ring left to even consider forming a neighborhood Spider Club -- and forget about the cost. So to better approximate the original 25-cent collectible, I created a paper Spider Ring that can be printed out! This PDF is actually an excerpt from the more elaborate Spider Kit available at Vintage Library (see below).

The Spider Kit
In 1997,
Vintage Library started reprinting Spider novels in PDF format. What better way to create internet buzz and web traffic than to offer a new official Spider premium -- also in PDF format? Thus I created The Spider Kit, a series of paper toys harkening back to the great Radio premiums, but downloadable off the internet for printing at home.

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