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Modern LCD screens are much less prone to pixel burn, but screensavers still have their use. Plus, they are a fun way to discover you've stopped working, or a friendly greeting coming back from a coffee run. Especially when The Spider is involved ...

Pulp Cover Art

Download this folder of cropped 1941 Spider cover art, and then simply set your Mac or PC screensaver module to display the contents as a slideshow!

Download ZIP | Download SIT


The Spider runs through the back alleys with Nita in tow -- But these alleys are in and around The Spider logo!
(Animated using Swift3D and Flash)

preview | MacOSX | MacOS 8/9 | Windows
Based on the original design of my Spider website, The Master of Men how I always picture him: throwing himself from a building, and blasting away the entire time!

preview | MacOSX | MacOS 8/9 | Windows
This one is a little classier. (Maybe even "work safe.") I've taken the seal from The Spider Ring and turned it into a revolving, corporate-style icon.

preview | MacOSX | MacOS 8/9 | Windows
If you are a fan of The Spider and Operator #5, then grab this screensaver that alternates between 3D icons based on both heroes' premium rings.

preview | MacOSX | MacOS 8/9 | Windows
Over in the comics section, I had this crazy idea of creating what a comic book based on The Spider might have looked like in the Forties. Here's the screensaver version.

preview | MacOSX | MacOS 8/9 | Windows
This is the classic screensaver that I've offered for years, just updated for modern operating systems. It's based on the Flash Trailer I animated in 1997.

preview | MacOSX | MacOS 8/9 | Windows