Photography by Chris Kalb
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Generally speaking, premiums are cool items offered for free or at a reduced price to inspire customer loyalty. In the 1930s and '40s, Radio properties like Tom Mix or Captain Midnight offered lots of premiums to their listeners; Pulp characters, not so much.

The Spider Ring
Originally offered to pulp readers in exchange for 25 cents in coin or stamp and the promise to curtail crime, Popular Publication's Spider Ring is one of the most sought after premiums today!

The Spider Pencil
The Spider kept his villain-branding seal in the base of a specially built cigarette lighter. That is until he briefly switched over to a pencil contraption with the May 1941 issue. Two months later the magazine began offering readers a Spider Pencil for 25.

The Spider Kit
In 1997,
Vintage Library started reprinting Spider novels in PDF format. What better way to create internet buzz and web traffic than to offer a new official Spider premium -- also in PDF format? The Spider Kit is a series of paper toys harkening back to the great Radio premiums, but downloadable for printing at home.

The Spider Ring 2007!
Baen Books is returning The Spider to mainstream bookshelves, and the tradition of The Spider Ring is returning to help promote it.