Girasol "replica" pictured with original pulp
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Pulp Facsimiles

Facsimile (a.k.a. "full-count") editions are reprints that reproduce each page as it originally appeared in the magazine. Girasol and WildSide currently do this, but before it became pretty much the standard for Pulp reprints, there were only two publishers to use this approach for The Spider.

Pulp Press
Pulp Press was a joint effort of Ray Walsh and Robert Weinberg. In 1980 they reprinted three Spider pulps, in each case eliminating one short story to make the 112 page count. The stories chosen were Master of the Death Madness, Builders of the Black Empire, and Overlord of the Damned. At 6" x 9" they were larger than a regular paperback but smaller than the original pulp. All three were printed with black and white covers, but only on the first does the cover image bleed to the edges.

Jim A. Hanos
In the Nineties "Greek fanatic Pulp lover" Jim Hanos reprinted a ton of pulp magazines, including The Spider, at an adorable
4-3/4" x 6-3/4" size (on newsprint, with a color cover). These were totally unofficial reprints, but Hanos thought that it might somehow be legal if he only printed 150 copies of each and did it under the auspices of the Athenian Readers Club. He was wrong, and Argosy ordered the destruction of all the Popular Publications titles that were being distributed in America.