Pictured: "The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of
The Spider" that Bill Man created using the music of
Tangerine Dream and my artwork (off of this site).
The Spider TM & © Argosy Communications, Inc.
Fan Projects

You don't have the dough for a Spider Ring, and you'll never ever find a Spider Pencil. So Spider merch is basically nonexistent unless some very powerful director turns out to be a closet Spider fan and somehow gets a movie greenlit. (The only other option I see is getting the staff of McFarlane Toys drunk enough for them to conceive a series of toys based on Pulp characters.) But dammit, we want all the cool stuff for The Spider that other, more well-known heroes have -- action figures, models, toys, shirts, games, soundtrack albums! ... So we make it ourselves.

I'm hoping that this page will grow. If you've create your own Spider merchandise and want to share it here, just e-mail me.

Mego Spider
This is my own crack at a Spider action-figure, based on my childhood obsession -- the World's Greatest Superheroes series from MEGO. And best of all, YOU CAN MAKE ONE YOURSELF!

Captain Action as The Spider
The 12-inch Captain Action doll is a favorite of customizers. Steve Mollett won an award for this vampiric Spider CA outfit.

Spider T-Shirts
I've designed seven different Spider T-shirts which I've been wearing around Brooklyn this summer.