The Pulp Fiction of Norvell Page

The following list of stories was compiled by Larry Estep of PulpGen. What I have done is take his original alphabetical list and put them in chronological order to, in a sense, tell the story of Page's fiction output from 1930-1943. All Spider stories are credited to "Grant Stockbridge." All other stories credited to Norvell Page, except where noted. Some of Page's other characters (Mark Curtis, Ken Carter, Prester John, etc.) also noted where known. If you have any additions or corrections to this list, don't hesitate to e-mail me or Larry.

November The Devil Muscles In (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective-Dragnet Magazine
February The Sinister Alliance (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective-Dragnet Magazine
March The Husher (as N. Wooten Poge) The Underworld Magazine
Two Spot (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective-Dragnet Magazine
May Bulldog of the Law (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective-Dragnet Magazine
June Strangler's Coup (as N. Wooten Poge) The Underworld Magazine
July Rented Murder (as N. Wooten Poge) The Underworld Magazine
August The Rat Trap (as N. Wooten Poge) The Underworld Magazine
October The Butterfly Murder (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective-Dragnet Magazine
The Rope Cure (as N. Wooten Poge) The Underworld Magazine
July The Boodle Ring (as N. Wooten Poge) The Underworld Magazine
February Those Catrini Black Mask
March Funny Business (Mark Curtis) The Shadow Magazine (March 1 1933)
The Confessional Black Mask
April Black Harvest Black Mask
The Green Death Ten Detective Aces
May In a Pickle (Mark Curtis) The Shadow Magazine (May 15 1933)
Hell's Music Ten Detective Aces (May-June 1933)
July City of Corpses Ten Detective Aces
August Statues of Horror Ten Detective Aces Behind the Mask #1
September Gallows Ghost Ten Detective Aces Pulp Review #6
October The Dance of the Skeletons Dime Mystery Magazine Wierd Menace #6
Murder Undercover The Spider
Satan's Hoof Ten Detective Aces A Cent a Story! (Bowling Green Popular Press, 1986)
November The Sinister Embrace (Ken Carter) Ten Detective Aces
December Wings of the Black Death The Spider Berkley 3, Girasol, PDF
The Death Blast Dime Mystery Magazine
January City of Flaming Shadows The Spider Berkley 4, Girasol, PDF
Clue of Courage Strange Detective Stories Pulp Review #14, PulpGen PDF
Canned Goods The Phantom Detective
February Empire of Doom The Spider Girasol, Bold Venture, PDF
March The Citadel of Hell The Spider Girasol, Hanos, PDF
April Serpent of Destruction The Spider Girasol, Bold Venture, PDF
May The Mad Horde The Spider Girasol, Bold Venture, PDF
June Satan's Death Blast The Spider Girasol, DiMedia 1, PDF
July The Corpse Cargo The Spider Girasol, DiMedia 2, PDF
Orchid Hell Super-Detective Stories
August Prince of Red Looters The Spider Girasol, DiMedia 3, PDF
Claws of Vengeance Black Book Detective Magazine
The Finger Points Great Detective
They Drink Blood Dime Mystery Magazine
September Reign of the Silver Terror The Spider Girasol, Pulp Adventures Press
Just Pals Thrilling Detective
Soft Shoulders Super-Detective Stories
October Builders of the Black Empire The Spider Girasol, Pulp Press, PDF
Dirty Dishes Black Book Detective Magazine
November Death's Crimson Juggernaut The Spider Girasol, Carroll & Graf 3
December The Red Death Rain The Spider Girasol, Carroll & Graf 3
January The City Destroyer The Spider Girasol, Bold Venture, Pocket Books 3
February The Pain Emperor The Spider Girasol, Carroll & Graf 4
The Trail of the Snake Masked Rider Western Magazine Action Adventure Stories #51
Brand of the Cougar (Black Dog Books, June 2000)
March The Flame Master The Spider Girasol, PDF
Honeymoon Curse Horror Stories
April Slaves of the Crime Master The Spider Girasol, High Adventure #24
Slaves of the Pain God Dime Mystery Magazine
Gum Chew Work Super-Detective Stories
May Reign of the Death Fiddler The Spider Girasol, PDF
When the Devil Laughed Dime Mystery Magazine
June Hordes of the Red Butcher The Spider Girasol, Bold Venture, Pocket Books 2
July Dragon Lord of the Underworld The Spider Girasol, PDF
August Master of the Death-Madness The Spider Girasol, Pulp Press
Redheads Always Win (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Law -- Without a Badge! Detective Tales
September King of the Red Killers The Spider Carroll & Graf 7
Satan's Sideshow (Ken Carter) Dime Detective Magazine
Accursed Thirst Terror Tales
Forsaking All Else (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective Tales
Like Father Detective Tales
October Overlord of the Damned The Spider Pulp Press
The Man Who Lost His Soul Horror Stories
November Death Reign of the Vampire King The Spider Carroll & Graf 4, Pocket Books 1, Action Ink
December Emperor of the Yellow Death The Spider
Bodies in Bronze Dime Mystery Magazine
January The Mayor of Hell The Spider PDF
Blood on the Moon Terror Tales
The Butterfly Clue (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
When Guns Turn Traitor Detective Tales
The Love That Kills Detective Tales
February Slaves of the Murder Syndicate The Spider
March Green Globes of Death The Spider Carroll & Graf 7
The Death Game Detective Tales
April The Cholera King The Spider Bold Venture, PDF
Death for His Fee! Detective Tales
Manhattan Nocturne (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective Tales
May Slaves of the Dragon The Spider PDF
Death's Fair Charmers Dime Mystery Magazine
Double Cross with Honor Detective Tales
Secret Guns Thrilling Western PulpGen PDF
June Legions of Madness The Spider PDF
Between Two Loves (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective Tales
Comeback of the Damned Detective Tales
July Laboratory of the Damned The Spider PDF
Music for the Lusting Dead Dime Mystery Magazine
August Satan's Sightless Legions The Spider PDF
Copper's Cross Detective Fiction Weekly (Aug 8, 1936)
September The Coming of the Terror The Spider Pulp Adventures Press
City Ruled by Murder Ace G-Man Stories (Sept-Oct 1936)
October The Devil's Death Dwarfs The Spider Pulp Adventures Press
Alias the Corpse Maker Detective Tales
Once a Cop Detective Tales
The Studio Killer (Bill Carter) (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
November Women Take the Rap Detective Tales
Barracks of the Brave Ace G-Man Stories (Nov-Dec 1936) PDF
December Brand of the Cougar (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Western Brand of the Cougar (Black Dog Books, June 2000)
January You Can't Bribe Death Ace G-Man Stories (Jan-Feb 1937)
February Blackmail Hotel (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Murder Rides the Flood Detective Tales
March Hell's Backtrail (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Western Brand of the Cougar (Black Dog Books, June 2000)
Murder Date (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
April Death Plays Knock-Knock (Bill Carter) (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Daughter of the Dark Desire Horror Stories (April-May 1937)
May The Man Who Wouldn't Stay Dead Detective Tales
Silk Stocking Clue (Bill Carter) (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Cop and the G-Men Ace G-Man Stories (May-June 1937)
July The Man Who Ruled in Hell The Spider Pulp Adventures Press
Murder Dice (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Murder Edits the News Detective Tales
G Stands for Glory Ace G-Man Stories (July-Aug 1937)
August Strait Jacket Solution (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
September Machine Guns Over the White House The Spider Pulp Adventures Press
The Clue of the Blue Stain (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Murder Dyed Their Wings Dime Mystery Magazine
October Carter Says It's Murder (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Crime's Capital City Detective Tales
When the Death-Bat Flies Strange Detective Mysteries
November Master of the Flaming Horde The Spider Carroll & Graf 5
Death's Ruby Crime Busters
The Emerald's Curse Crime Busters
Kissing Ghost (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
December The Devil's Clinic Detective Tales Behind the Mask #4
January Legions of the Accursed Light The Spider Carroll & Graf 8
The Angel of Death Crime Busters
February The Diamond Monster Crime Busters
Feast with the Dead Horror Stories (Feb-Mar 1938)
March The Gray Horde Creeps The Spider
Death Makes a Proposition (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
The Skull of Wu Pei Fu Crime Busters
Three Roads to Glory Ace G-Man Stories (March-April 1938)
April City of Whispering Death The Spider
The Chinese Garden Murders (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Murder Magic Crime Busters
May Cuthtroat Clue Crime Busters
Simple Simon G-Man Ace G-Man Stories (May-June 1938)
June Murder Runs the Marathon Detective Yarns
Murder's Beauty Mask (as N. Wooten Poge) Detective Yarns
Snowball in Hell Crime Busters
July The Emperor from Hell The Spider
The Redhead Kills (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
G-Bride's Murder Tryst (as N. Wooten Page) Ace G-Man Stories (July-Aug 1938)
Gun-Song at Twilight Ace G-Man Stories (July-Aug 1938)
September The City That Paid to Die The Spider
Blood Arrow Crime Busters PulpGen PDF
Senorita Bluebeard (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective High Adventure #40 (May 1998)
October The Spider At Bay The Spider Hanos
November Scourge of the Black Legions The Spider
Bringer of Fiery Death Dime Mystery Magazine
Corpse Fever is Catching Detective Tales
G-Men Get No Death Furlough Ace G-Man Stories (Nov-Dec 1938)
December Murder Follows the Headlines Detective Tales
January Claws of the Golden Dragon The Spider PDF
In At the Death Crime Busters
Some Like 'em Hot (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Satan's Penthouse Carnival Strange Detective Mysteries (Jan-Feb 1939)
February Murder Goes Barefoot (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
The City Condemned to Hell (Dr. Skull) (as Randolph Craig) The Octopus (Feb-Mar 1939) Pulp Classics #11, PDF
March The Silver Death Rain The Spider
Little Brothers of Death Crime Busters
Murder in the G-School Ace G-Man Stories (Mar-Apr 1939)
April Murder, Strictly Private (Bill Carter) (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Satan's Incubator (Dr. Skull) (as Randolph Craig) The Scorpion (April-May 1939) Pulp Classics #12, PDF
May King of the Fleshless Legion The Spider
Crime's Christmas Carol Detective Tales
June Rule of the Monster Men The Spider PDF
Flame Winds (Prester John) Unknown Flame Winds (Berkley, Sept 1969)
The Leopard Kills Crime Busters
Murder Goes Streamline (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
Skulls Always Grin Detective Tales
July The Spider and The Slaves of Hell The Spider PDF
August The Spider and The Fire God The Spider PDF
The Death Moth Crime Busters
Kiss-Proof Murder (as N. Wooten Poge) Spicy Detective
October The Spider and The Eyeless Legions The Spider
Jewell Kill Crime Busters
November The Spider and The Faceless One The Spider PDF
The Red Eye of the Rin-Po-Che Dime Mystery Magazine Wierd Menace #5
Sons of the Bear God (Prester John) Unknown Sons of the Bear-God (Berkley, Nov 1969)
December Satan's Murder Machines The Spider Carroll & Graf 6
January The Invisible Headsman Mystery Magazine
February Hell's Sales Manager The Spider
Death's Red Feather Clues Detective Stories
March Slaves of the Laughing Death The Spider Carroll & Graf 6, Wildside Press
The Glamour of Sin Detective Tales
Medal for the Murder Mystery Magazine
May The Spider and The War Emperor The Spider
Angel's Wings Mystery Magazine
June Judgement of the Damned The Spider Carroll & Graf 5
But Without Horns Unknown Rivals of Weird Tales (Random House, May 1990)
The Red Pool Mystery Magazine
August Pirates from Hell The Spider
October The Council of Evil The Spider Hanos
November The Spider and His Hobo Army The Spider PDF
The Red Hand of Kali Dime Mystery Magazine
December The Spider and The Jewels of Hell The Spider
January Harbor of the Nameless Dead The Spider
Blood on the Dragon's Horn Strange Detective Mysteries
February The Spider and The Slave Doctor The Spider
Death Howl The Whisperer
Tough Little Girl Detective Tales
March The Spider and The Sons of Satan The Spider
The Demon-Mask Murders Mystery Magazine
Blue Eye of Death Clues Detective Stories
How Green Are My Corpses! Dime Mystery Magazine
April Slaves of the Burning Blade The Spider
May The Devil's Paymaster The Spider Carroll & Graf 8, Wildside Books
Fingers of Fear Strange Detective Mysteries
June The Benevolent Order of Death The Spider
July Murder's Black Prince The Spider
August The Spider and The Scarlet Surgeon The Spider
September The Spider and The Deathless One The Spider
October Satan's Seven Swordsmen The Spider
A Corpse for Company Strange Detective Mysteries
November Volunteer Corpse Brigade The Spider
December The Crime Laboratory The Spider
January Death and The Spider The Spider Pocket Books 4
Dead Hands Can't Kill Strange Detective Mysteries
February Murder's Legionaires The Spider Hanos
March The Gentleman from Hell The Spider
April Slaves of the Ring The Spider PDF
May The Spider and The Death Piper The Spider
Wings of Kali short story The Spider Pulp Adventures #7
June Revolt of the Underground The Spider
Blood Bond short story The Spider Pulp Adventures #8 (1998)
July Return of the Rackets Kings The Spider
August Fangs of the Dragons The Spider
September Hell Rolls on the Highway The Spider
October Army of the Damned The Spider Hanos
November Zara: Master of Murder The Spider
December The Spider and The Flame King The Spider
January The Howling Death The Spider Hanos
February Secret City of Crime The Spider Carroll & Graf 1
March Recruit for The Spider Legion The Spider
June The Spider and the Man from Hell The Spider PDF
August The Criminal Horde The Spider
October The Spider and Hell's Factory The Spider Hanos, PDF

Berkley = Berkley Medallion, 4 mass market paperbacks (1969-70)
Pocket Books = Pocket Books, 4 mass market paperbacks (1975); stories "updated"
Pulp Press = Pulp Press/DiMedia Inc., 3 undersize 6"x9" full-count reprints, B&W pulp cover (1980)
DiMedia = DiMedia Inc., 3 mass market paperbacks (1984-85)
Carroll & Graf = Carroll & Graf, 8 mass market paperbacks with two stories per volume w/pulp cover (1991-1993)
Hanos = Jim A. Hanos "Athenian Readers Club," adorable 4.75"x6.75" full-count reprints (1990s)
PDF = Adobe Acrobat format files from Pulp Fiction Central at Vintage Library (1997-present)
Pulp Adventures Press = Oversize 8.5"x11" retypeset pulp facsimile (1998-2000)
Bold Venture = Bold Venture Press, pulp-size retypeset pulp facsimile (2000-present)
Action Ink = Argosy's imprint, "70th Anniversary" full-count pulp reprint, new cover
Girasol = Girasol Collectables, pulp "replicas"
Wildside = Wildside Books, full-count pulp reprint