001v1#1OctThe Spider Strikes Scott Berkley 1, Girasol, PDF Wentworth thwarts a plan to overwhelm Wall Street with poison gas and loot all the cash boxes. Cover by Walter Baumhofer; Interior art by John Fleming Gould through 10/42; Rogers Terrill, Editor.
002v1#2NovThe Wheel of Death Scott Berkley 2, Girasol, PDF Wentworth clears a father framed for murder and foils a blackmail plot against NYC politicians designed to take over the city. Covers by John Newton Howitt through 10/39 (with the exception of 2/39)
003v1#3DecWings of the Black Death Page Berkley 3, Girasol, PDF The Black Death frames The Spider for the murder of police officers and plots to decimate Manhattan with a mutation of the black death plague using infected pigeons. First "Grant Stockbridge" novel.
004v1#4JanCity of Flaming Shadows Page Berkley 4, Girasol, PDF The Tarantula diverts the city's power into a tool that slices open banks, looting the city. (In this novel and the next, Wentworth assumes the disguise of Scotland Yard Inspector Rupert Barton.)
005v2#1FebEmpire of Doom Page Girasol, Bold, PDF A wealthy industrialist saves Michigan from the gas plot of The Green Hand and is swept into office as Dictator of the United States -- but of course they're in on it together. The action stretches to Cleveland and Washington D.C.
006v2#2MarThe Citadel of Hell Page Girasol, Hanos, PDF Red Mask and The Food Destroyers plot to wipe out the nation's food supply to drive up prices. First appearance of a separate Spider identity (aka hunchbacked violinist Tito Caliepi); First Spider-Kirkpatrick meeting; Origin of the Spider Ring; Spider Ring premium debut.
007v2#3AprSerpent of Distruction Page Girasol, Bold, PDF Gangsters led by the Bloody Serpent flood the US with narcotics and slaughter DOJ agents; Kirkpatrick disgraced, Nita threatened with becoming a dope addict. Gadgets: Steel Spider mask, steel vest, cane with needles for making spider tattoo and injecting black widow venom.
008v2#4MayThe Mad Horde Page Girasol, Bold, PDF Rabid creatures -- dogs, cats, wolves, bats, rats, PEOPLE -- are unleashed on mill towns in a plot to control the regional steel industry. Action stretches through Indiana and Ohio.
009v3#1JunSatan's Death Blast Page Girasol, DiMedia 1, PDF The Devil blows up parts of Albany and New York City (sometimes looting the remains); He eventually demands $75 million, or else NYC will be destroyed; Ram Singh and Nita are hypnotized to kill Wentworth.
010v3#2JulCorpse Cargo Page Girasol, DiMedia 2, PDF Land pirates electrocute trains, looting them and killing all witnesses. Tim Truman adapted for three-book comic series
011v3#3AugPrince of the Red Looters Page Girasol, DiMedia 3, Doubles 1, PDF The Fly (a bored, skilled playboy who turns atypically to a life of crime) goes on a Spider-taunting crime spree; Ultimately he gasses/loots opera patrons then plans to do the same to the whole city via dirigible. (Reprinted as Prince of Evil)
012v3#4SepReign of the Silver Terror Page Girasol, PAP A plot to take over silver mines and increase their value though legislation -- which involves bribing and killing senators; There is also fomenting of Communist mobs and a plot to take over the government entirely; The Spider kills on the floor of the US Senate. Nita's first kill!
013v4#1OctBuilders of the Black Empire Page Pulp Press, Girasol, PDF Piracy and a scheme to trick the US into war stretches from the Carribean to Miami to Newark to NYC to Washington; Wentworth, shot in the chest continues on in a wheelchair; Ram Singh is branded a traitor!
014v4#2NovDeath's Crimson Juggernaut Page C&G 3, Girasol A murder master takes out public officials leaving twisted corpses in his wake, while a Spider double ravages about town; A fugitive Wentworth is out-maneuvered at every turn!
015v4#3DecThe Red Death Rain Page C&G 3, Girasol (Original title: Slaves of the Yellow Devil) The Red Mandarin poisons all the tobacco, liquor and coffee in town so consumers will use his doped varieties and become addicted slaves; Kirkpatrick hypnotized, Ram & Jackson drugged, Nita is threatened with rape by an orangoutang!
016v4#4JanThe City Destroyer Page Pocket 3, Girasol, Bold (Crumbling Doom) The Master brings down skyscrapers, bridges and Grand Central Station itself, in an effort to sell his steel at monopoly prices; 5,000 people die, easy.
017v5#1FebThe Pain Emperor Page C&G 4, Girasol (When Death Went Mad) A supposed crime-fighter, The Avenger, is actually behind a plot to poisen food and cosmetics; The action stretches to Chicago; Jackson dies, dead, and is buried at Arlington.
018v5#2MarThe Flame Master Page Girasol, PDF (Lord of the Lightnings) Aronk Dong, the "Lion Man from Mars," plans to take over the world -- or at the very least, the NYC water supply -- with the use of particularly destructive lighting bolts; Jackson still dead.
019v5#3AprSlaves of the Crime Master Page High Adventure 24, Girasol(Hell's Revolt) The Tempter seduces children into a life of crime from a secret radio station, while The Doctor spreads infantile paralysis to charge $100,000 per curative injection; Action at the World Series! Jackson still dead.
020v5#4MayReign of the Death Fiddler Page Girasol, PDF (Kingdom of Crime) The Death Fiddler -- who brands his victims with a violin-shaped mark -- kills every Thursday at 11:30 and keeps wax figures of his victims in his hideout. Jackson is alive!
021v6#1JunHordes of the Red Butcher Page Pocket 2, Girasol, Bold (Hordes of Destruction) Snarling beast men ravage and kill and rob and molest girls in Kentucky; Framed for murder, Wentworth must be rescued from Sing-Sing and the electric chair by Nita! Kirkpatrick has been elected Governor of NY.
022v6#2JulDragon Lord of the Underworld Page Girasol, PDF Ssu Hsi Tze uses poisonous Black Widow spiders and other vermin, first to collect financial aid for China, then to declare himself Emperor of America; Professor Brownlee is murdered! No, he's really dead.
023v6#3AugMaster of the Death-Madness Page Girasol, Pulp Press Anubis, jackel-headed Egyptian god, inspires mass suicides across the entire country; Wentworth shot and too weak to walk, Nita takes up the mantle of The Spider for the first time.
024v6#4SepKing of the Red Killers Page C&G 7 Crown Prince of Ruthia, The Gaucho, and his Balkan army invade the United States.
025v7#1OctOverlord of the Damned Page Pulp Press The Boss's reign of terror involves the liberal use of acid guns and driving men insane with little darts or doped tobacco; Governor Kirkpatrick is a drugged slave to the Boss's will and almost dies at The Spider's hands.
026v7#2NovDeath Reign of the Vampire King Page Pocket 1, C&G 4, Ink The Bat-Man terrorizes the country with hordes of poisoned bats. Tim Truman adapted for three-book comic series
027v7#3DecEmperor of the Yellow Death Page From his hidden submarine in the East River, Wang-Ba, the Turtle, holds NYC ransom (for $100M) with tigers and hyenas that roam the city.
028v7#4JanThe Mayor of Hell Page PDF Part 1: Wentworth, hunted by authorities, is shot to flinders and believed dead. Nursed back to health by strangers, he wakes six weeks later to a full-blown fascist regime gripping NY state; He takes a new alias, Corporal Death, to lead the resistance movement! Kirkpatrick, impeached as Governor, becomes NYC police commissioner again.
029v8#1FebSlaves of the Murder Syndicate Page Part 2: The Mayor vanquished, The Chief loots the city with the help of the flesh-melting Dissolver salts, then holds all the Heads of State ransom; Nita, the only one not captured by the end, must save everyone as The Spider; Wentworth and Nita are about to marry in a church when...
030v8#2MarGreen Globes of Death Page C&G 7 (Murder Prince) The Fly loots the city once again, this time hurling globes filled with green gas that cause victims to bleed all over and die.
031v8#3AprThe Cholera King Page Bold, PDF (Death Horde) The red-robed Cholera King spreads cholera through the city, and destroys all medical supplies; The Spider leads refugees to White Plains, then goes back for the King; Dick trapped and his life threatened, Nita agrees to marry the King.
032v8#4MaySlaves of the Dragon Page PDF The Spider is hunted by The Dragon and the FBI; And women are being kidnapped by The Dragon to breed with Mongol killers and create super soldiers -- among them, Nita Van Sloan!
033v9#1JunLegions of Madness Page PDF (The Soul Destroyer) Insanity, Inc. drives people crazy, but won't for a price --- $100,000; Madmen swarm, and Nita is institutionalized! Rogers Terrill now Editorial Director; Loring Dowst, edits this issue.
034v9#2JulLaboratory of the Damned Page PDF (Lord of the Living Dead) The Doctor creates a death-like paralysis using deadly poisons; Apollo, Nita's great dane, is poisoned and dies. Leon Byrne, Assoicate Editor
035v9#3AugSatan's Sightless Legion Page PDF (Master of Blindness) The Blind Man uses The Darkener to blind people, including The Spider, who is only mildly slowed-down; Kirkpatrick, the Blind Man's pawn, actively hunts Wentworth.
036v9#4SepThe Coming of the Terror Page PAP Part 1: From his elaborate Temple of Love (somehow in the middle of NYC) Tang-Akhmut, The Living Pharaoh, looses his Coptic-speaking worshippers upon an unsuspecting city; Kirkpatrick and Wentworth are framed for murder; A Spider double frames him for robbery.
037v10#1OctThe Devil's Death Dwarfs Page PAP (Hell's Destroying Hordes) Part 2: The Pharaoh escapes jail and terrorizes Cincinatti with "misshapen and malignant little monsters"; Wentworth disguises himself as a private detective and leads the people to safety on horseback, but not before roughly 10,000 die.
038v10#2NovCity of Dreadful Night Tepperman PAP Part 3: Two weeks later, The Pharaoh is blackmailing New York City's politicians. Emile C. Tepperman takes over the series, and it shows. Linton Davies edit the title through 11/37.
039v10#3DecReign of the Snake Men Tepperman Part 4: This time The Pharaoh terrorizes the city using virulent lepers with snakes painted on their rotting chests. Disappointing final chapter.
040v10#4JanDictator of the Damned Tepperman C&G 2 The Dictator organizes the underworld and takes over the police department, and Wentworth must infiltrate the gang; Ultimately The Spider teams with a reinstated Kirkpatrick and an army of honest cops in an epic face-off at Grand Central Station.
041v11#1FebThe Mill-Town Massacres Tepperman C&G 2 Workers in a small steel town are being driven mad by a strange disease or mowed down by machine gun fire from imported killers, all to depress the mill's stock for easy purchase. Tepperman incorporates more elements from Phantom Detective and Shadow, but not Page.
042v11#2MarSatan's Workshop Tepperman The Mad Surgeon kidnaps the rich, famous or beautiful and keeps some in glass bottles, returning others as rotting lepers; Apollo is resurrected (for 2 issues); First appearances of Mike Fogarty (a P.I. dogging Wentworth) and Ben Lasker (The Spider's public contact); Hopecrest Apartments is new home base.
043v11#3AprScourge of the Yellow Fangs Tepperman The Man from Singapore terrorizes Chinatown with the aim of being Emperor of all Orientals in the West; And when he determines that Wentworth is The Spider, Nita is kidnapped once more.
044v11#4MayDevil's Pawnbroker Tepperman PAP His secret identity blown, Wentworth plans to retire and marry; Iron-masked Professor Mephisto forces people to suicide by leveraging kidnapped loved-ones; Dick fakes his own death and The Spider returns!
045v12#1JunVoyage of the Coffin Ship Tepperman Hanos, PAP Wentworth, still thought dead, slips away with Nita for a peaceful cruise; Unfortuately two rival gangs war for the ship's gold cargo and The Spider must strike.
046v12#2JulThe Man Who Ruled in Hell Page PAP The Red Hand unionizes NYC's criminals, and confounds police with simultaneous crimes; First appearance of Wentworth's Blinky McQuade underworld disguise; Ben Laskar is killed.
047v12#3AugSlaves of the Black Monarch Rogers PAP (Courts of Terror) The Scarred Hand attacks the legal system by killing judges, witnesses, and even juries. Rogers writes McQuade well, but Nita and Kirkpatrick horribly.
048v12#4SepMachine Guns over the White House Page PAP A dictator, controlled by an Eastern occult order and its lead vamp Yolanda, overthrows the US government; The Spider saves the President himself, who pardons him of all crimes on national radio.
049v13#1OctThe City that Dared Not Eat Rogers Doubles 1 A false Spider organizes the underworld and uses mass murder and terror to drive up the price of food, causing people to flee the city, their possessions unguarded; Wentworth moves to Sutton Place super-fortress. Rogers brings actual "weird menace" into the title. (Check that cover!)
050v13#2NovMaster of the Flaming Horde Page C&G 5 The Flame Master and his army of red-suited, blazing minions terrorize the city; People burst into flame; Nita is presumed dead.
051v13#3DecSatan's Switchboard Rogers Hanos The Silencer uses kidnapped women and tapped phonelines for blackmail and enforced suicide -- the insurance proceeds going to the crooks; And he has an acid-glove, like The Red Hand. Moran Tudury takes over as editor, for the next two years.
052v13#4JanLegions of the Accursed Light Page C&G 8 The Terror's Legions wear steel suits and carry death-rays, raiding prisons to gather a criminal mob to loot the Catskills and then march on New York City!
053v14#1FebThe City of Lost Men Rogers The Mask of Madness, in league with crooked politicians, uses a ray to drive people crazy -- including Nita -- in an effort to drive down real estate prices; Kirkpatrick is a fugitive from justice.
054v14#2MarThe Gray Horde Creeps Page Hordes of unkillable monster-men loot and kill through Kentucky; The Spider enters the fray, only to receive an injection that threatens to make him a monster too.
055v14#3AprCity of Whispering Death Page The Whisper of Doom organizes the underworld, tries to steal a ship full of gold, sets machine-gun traps, declares war on the poice, and tortures women in an old subway. Never jells.
056v14#4MayWhen Thousands Slept in Hell Rogers (Go to Sleep and Die) The Sleeping Death charges all citizens a "sleeping tax" not to be murdered (by gas) in their sleep; Nita is seriously injured in a car crash; Apollo (back!) saves the day.
057v15#1JunSatan's Shackles Rogers A vengeful ex-con and his army of NYC thugs terrorize upstate New York; The Spider ultimately charges into battle using the World War I tank that's been rusting on the village green!
058v15#2JulThe Emperor from Hell Page (The Underground Kingdom) A Devil uses tons of anhydride powder to terrorize New Jersey and muscle into the New York rackets; Wentworth is hounded by an ex-detective who has the blood tests to prove that he is The Spider.
059v15#3AugThe Devil's Candlesticks Rogers Hanos (Crime Flies High) Embittered genius seeks to destroy New York's uppercrust, using drugs, hypnotism, deadly Hindus, Kali satues brimming with snakes, trap doors, and trick stairways and halls; Ten girls wearing oil-soaked rags are made into a wick.
060v15#4SepThe City that Paid to Die Page (The Outlaw Legion) Part 1: "The Party of Justice" establishes a totalitarian regime in New York State, complete with Black Police who stomp the lower classes, seize their property, and torture them in concentration camps.
061v16#1OctThe Spider at Bay Page Hanos Part 2: Three months have passed and the Black Police are now using germ warfare against the opposition; Wentworth, publicly "borrowing" The Spider's symbols, unifies the resistance; At one point, Kirkpatrick pretends to be The Spider too!
062v16#2NovScourge of the Black Legions Page Part 3: The rebellion now faces off against federal troops and they are driven out of NYC; Wentworth, wounded, infiltrates the Black Police and uses The Master's communication-mirrors against him. Rushed, unsatisfying wrap-up.
063v16#3DecThe Withering Death Rogers PDF Rich old playboy searching for youth, creates a mummification serum instead, and immediately starts a crimewave; Mike Fogarty is mummified and dies. Novel stretches cover-to-cover, no short stories.
064v16#4JanClaws of the Golden Dragon Page PDF The Dragon attacks gold shipments with bees and de-moralizes NYC with opium-laced cola and tea; Inhale his special orchid spores and six hours later you die with a blood-red orchid sprouting out of your chest; This fate befalls Ram, Jenkyns, Nita and Dick! Page still has it!
065v17#1FebThe Song of Death Rogers Hanos Criminal genius projects song with super-amplifiers that drives men mad or kills with its vibrations; The Spider leads an army all dressed like himself. Cover not painted by Howitt.
066v17#2MarThe Silver Death Rain Page (The Silver Falcon Kills) The Silver Falcon (aided by The Vixen) has trained owls to kill at the sight of red; Wentworth, framed again, is shot and paralyzed.
067v17#3AprBlight of the Blazing Eye Rogers "Genghis Khan" and his Asian hordes strike with a concealed death ray that makes the blood boil, shot from the eyes of a Macy's Easter Rabbit, and later the Statue of Liberty!
068v17#4MayKing of the Fleshless Legion Page The floating, glowing apparition of The Skull and his skeleton attendants strike NYC; Wentworth, gassed, fears permanent damage to his heart, but struggles on against another fake Spider; Nita's cousin, Melissa Moulin makes an appearance.
069v18#1JunRule of the Monster Men Page PDF The Wreck and his twisted cripples strike the World's Fair; Nita is surgically crippled (!!) and, too ashamed to return to Wentworth, takes up begging. Page seems dramatically recommitted to the series.
070v18#2JulThe Spider and the Slaves of Hell Page PDF (Slaves of Hell) After a heart-attack, Kirkpatrick is replaced by hard-nosed, Spider-hating Sanford Dane; Wentworth is framed by The Butcher and shot by police so Nita becomes The Black Widow; Classic ending with The Spider scaling the sheer wall of a building while chained to heavy iron balls.
071v18#3AugThe Spider and the Fire God Page PDF Kalki, the high priest of Vishnu, calls forth fire from the air and 10,000 people (in only one incident) burst into flame.
072v18#4SepThe Corpse Broker Rogers (Clutch of the Green Death) Criminals can turn people into green corpses simply by pointing at them. Rogers last novel.
073v19#1OctThe Spider and the Eyeless Legion Page (Eyeless Legions) Criminals led by the obscenely fat Amoy squirt a gas that explodes eyeballs or induces glaucoma; At the end of the novel, The Spider must battle blind! BLIND! Best Page novel in years. Rafael De Soto takes over as cover artist.
074v19#2NovThe Spider and the Faceless One Page PDF (The Faceless One) The scarred disguise artist Munro (in the first of three appearances) leads a suspenseful chase, pretending to be Kirkpatrick, Wentworth and Ram Singh at various times; Headquarters is now a high apartment at the Park Arms on 5th Ave. Supporting roles much improved.
075v19#3DecSatan's Murder Machines Page C&G 6 The Spider faces off against giant robots with fire-squirting fingers, using his bare hands, a truck, and even a captured robot, while Kirkpatrick actively dogs him once again.
076v19#4JanThe Spider and the Pain Master Tepperman C&G 1 The Red Feather blackmails people into committing murder, and failing that, they are burnt up and a blood-dipped feather is laid upon the ash. Loring Dowst becomes the editor through 8/42.
077v20#1FebHell's Sales Manager Page Red-robed The Brand raids, robs and explodes victims with The Bolt; The Spider is hunted by M. Raoul Chartres, formerly of Le Surete; Lots of false Spiders -- including Nita when Wentworth is captured and drugged.
078v20#2MarSlaves of the Laughing Death Page C&G 6, Wildside Munro returns with a laughing-suicide gas, a flesh-dissolving gas, and an emotion-stimulating ray; Meanwhile The Spider is tracked by a group of detectives called the Gotham Hounds. First of seven covers depicting the real, vampiric Spider.
079v20#3AprThe Man from Hell Tepperman (The Spider and the Queen of Hate) Captured, blinded, and exposed as the Spider, Wentworth must fight Professor Secundus, "the new Satan," and fight-off his sexy daughter.
080v20#4MayThe Spider and the War Emperor Page (War Emperor) Familiar tale of a Chinese "The Master" covering cholera, the US Senate, hypnotized police, underground passageways, and Nita threatened by an executioner's axe.
081v21#1JunJudgment of the Damned Page C&G 5 Judge Torture makes good on his name, twisting bodies into his initials on lighted billboards, and roasting people on spits in storefront windows; He can also heat-up pointed guns and set fires with a "magic" (meaning electric) wand; Inspector Littlejohn now hunts The Spider.
082v21#2JulDictator's Death Merchants Tepperman (Dictator's Death Agents) El Crocodilo and his army of Central American natives blow up banks and buy up their stock with counterfiet money.
083v21#3AugPirates from Hell Page LaFitte, the land pirate, blackmails manufacturers of war products and hijacks trains for war materials. Number of included short stories reduced to one.
084v21#4SepMaster of the Night-Demons Tepperman PDF (Leader of the Night Demons) Lilith and Asmodeus command two human monsters that kill by night.
085v22#1OctCouncil of Evil Page Hanos (Crime's Blitzkrieg) Six criminals with The Spider's seal on their foreheads, a beautiful girl, and a living dead man band together to organize crime; An amnesiatic Nita will testify that Wentworth is The Spider; Littlejohn takes over as Commissioner.
086v22#2NovThe Spider and His Hobo Army Page PDF (Spider--Fifth Columnist) An evil secret agent, head of the Double Cross, seeks to destroy battleships, politicians, industrialists, even the President -- and take over the US; Rescued from fifth columnists by mission hobos, The Spider leads them in a patriotic final battle. "Come on, bums. Do you want to live forever?"
087v22#3DecThe Spider and the Jewels of Hell Page (The Jewels of Hell) Savage action erupts around a beryllium mine in Colorado, featuring a weapon that explodes guns.
088v22#4JanHarbor of Nameless Dead Page (Nameless Dead) A spy network plots to destroy a dirigible that threatens to foil an invasion of the United States by sea; Nita is trapped in a vibrating bell jar.
089v23#1FebThe Spider and the Slave Doctor Page (Poison Pool) The Red Mask and his band of criminals seek to control the drug industry; Wentworth tries to prove that a man is innocent of murder, by working within the law for once.
090v23#2MarThe Spider and the Sons of Satan Page (Yellow Hell) Red Eyes blackmails criminals for a cut of their ill-gotten gains; The Spider is captured by paralyzing gas, his makeup is stripped and photos are made for blackmail purposes.
091v23#3AprSlaves of the Burning Blade Page (City of the Dead) The Knife, an international criminal, terrorizes Sperryville; Also involved are the police, and the Knights of Liberty, a vigilante pack run amok.
092v23#4MayThe Devil's Paymaster Page C&G 8, Wildside (The Golden Ghost) The Ghost sears innocent victims with radioactive silver dollars, and seeks control of a beam that creates artificial radioactivity; Jackson meets and marries The Ghost's half-sister, Marianne Harcourt. "The Web" becomes a letters column.
093v24#1JunThe Benevolent Order of Death Page The supposedly patriotic Benevolent Order of Americans is twisted by The Boss in an effort to take over New York; Nita infiltrates, and later takes on the guise of The Spider when Wentworth is shot in the back; Marianne learns The Spider's true identity.
094v24#2JulMurder's Black Prince Page The Spider battles The Brotherhood, who worship Kali the Destroyer and follow The Man in the Cowl; He is also vexed by the crimes of slave Lona Deeping -- with whom Kirkpatrick has fallen madly in love!
095v24#3AugThe Spider and the Scarlet Surgeon Page (The Scarlet Surgeon) The Philanthropist can change people's personalities through brain surgery; Dick, Ram, Nita and Kirkpatrick all come under his knife; Lona attempts to make up for her past crimes as The Face.
096v24#4SepThe Spider and the Deathless One Page (Deathless One) Munro returns for the last time, to wreck the US defense effort; In disguise, he gets Kirkpatrick discredited and Wentworth is named Acting Police Commissioner.
097v25#1OctSatan's Seven Swordsmen Page (Samurai Fuji) Dr. Fuji directs unstoppable samurai to sink the Navy with midget torpedo submarines; Lona and The Spider are both hypnotized to do Dr. Fuji's bidding; Kirkpatrick proposes to Lona.
098v25#2NovVolunteer Corpse Brigade Page The Spider teams with a recovering crime boss against Smiler Miordan whose mob throws eggs injected with a quick-acting leprosy; Ingenue Jinnie Combes is based on real-life fan Virginia Combs (aka Nanek); Kirkpatrick and Lona marry.
099v25#3DecThe Crime Laboratory Page (The Spider and The Crime Corporation) The Spider frames a corrupt DA for murder to draw out a pack of criminals; The crooks skillfully club The Spider to amnesia, and he becomes a flunky of the gang; Nita becomes The Spider to effect a rescue and is captured; Can The Spider free the DA from Sing-Sing?
100v25#4JanDeath and The Spider Page Pocket 4 100th issue! Wentworth teams with his Tibetan teacher Mar-lar-delan to fight Death himself, who uses fatal hypnotism in his plans to destroy America -- or at minimum the President and Vice President.
101v26#1FebMurder's Legionnaires Page Hanos (Murder Legionaires) The Devil can kill with but a single stare; The city is in shambles; Kirkpatrick is on his honeymoon and Xavier Francis is Acting Police Commissioner.
102v26#2MarThe Gentleman From Hell Page (Hills of Hell) The Faceless Cavalier can wither your limbs with a single touch; Nita is captive in a temple of drug-inflamed women; Wentworth is arrested and jailed.
103v26#3AprSlaves of the Ring Page PDF (Government of Murder) In New Amsterdam, New York, The Spider aids a crusading editor who takes on a Nazi/KKK-like organization.
104v26#4MayThe Spider and the Death Piper Page (Slaves of the Fleshless Minstrel) In Martinville, music from nowhere drives men to madness, murder, and suicide. This issue includes the Spider short story Wings of Kali by Page.
105v27#1JunRevolt of the Underworld Page Organized by The Fox, the underworld declares war on The Spider; Wentworth is framed for Nita's murder and accused of being an enemy agent. This issue includes the Spider short story Blood Bond by Page.
106v27#2JulReturn of the Racket Kings Page The Snake, the new Boss of American crime, reinstitutes old-fashioned gangsterism.
107v27#3AugFangs of the Dragon Page A glowing, flying dragon threatens to bite the citizens of Bethbury, causing their ids to run unchecked; In this issue and the next, Nita and Dick fight side-by-side, both dressed as The Spider.
108v27#4SepHell Rolls on the Highways! Page (Hell's High Road) The Evangelist seeks to take over the nation's truck and bus system, aided by the beautiful slave Kalimumtaz -- with whom Ram Singh has fallen violently in love! Harry Widmer now responsible editor.
109v28#1OctArmy of the Damned Page Hanos Wentworth disguises himself as the Mayor of Bentonville, New York, to get to the bottom of a national conspiracy to frame the sons of law enforcement officials, send them to prison, and there, recruit them to a life of crime.
110v28#2NovZara-Master of Murder Page (The Great God Murder) Zara seeks to kill The Spider and hypnotize the world. Several new interior illustrators take over for John Fleming Gould, including someone signing their work "Farren."
111v28#3DecThe Spider and the Flame King Page (The Flame King) The giant, masked Flame King terrorizes an oil town racked by criminals, crooked police, and nitroglycerine.
112v28#4JanThe Howling Death Page Hanos The Master (yet another one) ravages a small town with poison gas that makes victims howl and die; The town is quarantined, but The Spider leads an exodus on Christmas Eve.
113v29#1FebSecret City of Crime Page, rewritten by Robert TurnerC&G 1 The Brain (CEO of Perfect Crimes, Inc.) has recreated city streets under NYC as a training ground where criminals can fine-tune their villainy. The beginning of a new editorial direction requiring "more emotional impact, involving real people in crime."
114v29#2MarRecruit for the Spider Legion Page The Master -- this one worships Kali and has a single eye on his forehead -- is doing away with honest men so he can take over the city; Kirkpatrick becomes a hunted criminal and finally finds sympathy for The Spider.
115v29#3JunThe Spider and the Man from Hell Page w/TurnerPDF (The Man from Hell) In the pay of enemy agents, The Man from Hell (aka The Boss) plots to wreck national morale with poison gas, torture devices, etc.; Typical story, but with tighter more realistic prose. Issues decrease to 98 pages because of the war, but with more lines of type per page; Beatrice Jones, responsible editor
116v29#4AugThe Criminal Horde Page w/Turner This time the District Attorney himself organizes the city's criminals; He also does the disguise thing, framing Wentworth and The Spider, just to be sure. Robert Turner, responsible editor
117v30#1OctThe Spider and Hell's Factory Page w/TurnerHanos, PDF (advertised as The Devil's Murder Factory) The Chief (another one) tricks defense workers into huge gambling debts so they can be forced to reveal war secrets; Teens are given dope and sent on a crime spree as a distraction. W. Ryerson Johnson, responsible editor
118v30#2DecWhen Satan Came to Town Winchell PDF (The Spider's Raid) The Conqueror's mob grips the Chicago-like city of Garago, but their eyes are set on the state, the nation, and then the world; Wentworth and Nita infiltrate the gang and work their way up.
UnpublishedSlaughter Incorporated Cormack PDF Criminal genius offers an assassination service that also frames someone in particular for the crime; Nita is framed; Wentworth infiltrates the criminals; The final battle is between The Spider and Richard Wentworth (the bad guy in disguise)! Published as novel Blue Steel (Python) in 1978

Scott = R.T.M. Scott
Page = Norvell Page
Tepperman = Emile C. Tepperman
Rogers = Wayne Rogers
Winchell = Prentice Winchell (aka Stewart Stirling)
Cormack = Donald G. Cormack

Berkley = Berkley Medallion, 4 mass market paperbacks (1969-70)
Pocket = Pocket Books, 4 mass market paperbacks (1975); stories "updated"
Pulp Press = Pulp Press/DiMedia Inc., 3 undersize 6"x9" full-count reprints, B&W pulp cover (1980)
DiMedia = DiMedia Inc., 3 mass market paperbacks (1984-85)
C&G = Carroll & Graf, 8 mass market paperbacks with two stories per volume w/pulp cover (1991-1993)
Hanos = Jim A. Hanos "Athenian Readers Club," adorable 4.75"x6.75" full-count reprints (1990s)
PDF = Adobe Acrobat format files from Pulp Fiction Central at Vintage Library (1997-present)
PAP = Pulp Adventures Press, oversize 8.5"x11" retypeset pulp facsimile (1998-2000)
Bold = Bold Venture Press, pulp-size retypeset pulp facsimile (2000-present)
Ink = Action Ink (Argosy's imprint), "70th Anniversary" full-count pulp reprint, new cover
Girasol = Girasol Collectables, pulp "replicas"
Doubles = Girasol Pulp Doubles, retypeset pulp-format with two stories per volume
Wildside = Wildside Publications
Plot synopses adapted from Robert Sampson's epic recounting of The Spider's adventures in his fantastic book Spider (Bowling Green, OH: The Popular Press, 1987). This book is an insightful resource and an unforgettable read!